Hi, Carline!

I can't wait to work with you.

I know it can be scary to invest in something that will change the life of your business. I've been there! 

But it's so worth it. 

Starter Package

• Choose from a variety of templated logos, with colors tweaked for your brand
• Responsive website design on Squarespace Bedford theme
  - Includes up to 6 pages
  - Social media integration, and email opt-in form
• Downloadable tutorial video to teach and equip you how to use your website
• Two weeks support post-launch (more available if needed) 

• You’ll provide all the text and images, and I’ll build the website from there. Once I’ve implemented all your content, I’ll send you a link so you can provide feedback on what changes you want made on the website. 

Most importantly: You own everything, your voice is the most important, and I teach you how to use your website.


Your project could start on March 28. This project would take four weeks to complete, launching on April 25


The Starter Package is $1,200. You would need to pay 50% now, and 50% before we launch. I do offer $100 off this package if you pay in full, upfront. (Typically, Starter Package is only four pages, so the price is adjusted to include your six pages.)

Other Options

Just Squarespace design, 6 pages on any theme with SEO implementation included: $1,900
*$100 off if paid in full, also available.

Next Steps

Email me which option you would like to move forward with, or schedule a call by clicking below. 

Invoice: If everything sounds good and you want to work with me, I will send over a contract for you to sign, and an invoice. 

Communication: All communication will take place in my project management software, Breeze. 


» Are you a web developer, or a designer? What’s the difference?

Web developers are people who are experienced with custom-coding a website using HTML, CSS, PHP, and more. I am not a developer. I can do some minor customizations with code, but larger customizations will need to be outsourced + added to your invoice.

» Are there deadlines?

Yes! I’m booked out about 2-3 months in advance, but I will provide your start date so you know when to expect to start working with me. We will also set an end date, at which time we will launch your project. If I am unable to complete your project by our initial launch date due to a lack of response from you, there will be a fee of $25/week for every additional week your project is still in queue.

» What can I expect from you as far as communication?

I will email you about 1-2 weeks before our start date, to remind you of our start date, and to get any remaining content that I have not received. Throughout the design process, you should expect to hear from me at least once a week, if not more. I will be emailing you updated proofs, asking for feedback, etc.

» What is expected of me, as a client?

As a client, there are two things I need from you. First, I’ll need all photos and text before we begin. I cannot begin designing without it! Second, timely communication is very important to keep this project on track for our deadline. 

» What if I need to pause for a while?

I understand that emergencies happen. It’s best to be open and honest when things happen, rather than ignoring emails. I’m more than happy to put your project on hold, just know that there is a 10% reinstatement fee.

» Where can I use my design?

For best results (and we do want the best!), you should let me know how you might plan to use your designs. I will make your designs the appropriate size and send you an appropriate file format.

» I saw this design on so-and-so’s website, and I’d love to make ours look like that!

No one likes a copy cat. Respect that business and the designer enough to not rip off a design. It’s one thing to be inspired by someone, and another to steal.