Take your social media graphics further. 


You're already spending the time to create social media graphics – why not take them to the next level?

What if you could create graphics that actually cause people to engage with you? What if your graphics could attract more clients? 

Better engagement on social media = on your way to growing a community, and attracting more of your ideal clients. 

But, I can't afford to pay a designer to make all these graphics... 

I don't even know where to begin... 

Social media is just overwhelming to me... 

Why does it even matter? It's just Facebook! 

Beautiful, branded social media graphics make you look like the pro that you are. 

"I've worked in social media marketing for a few years. I've always created my own images and thought I knew what I was doing. I've created several campaigns – some successful and some not. This guide really informed me on how to create a successful image and an image that would generate more interaction. I now know what I need to do to be more successful at my job! The content in this book is clear and concise. The brainstorming section has helped me immensely on how I want to move forward with my brand on social media."
- Julia, social media manager

What's included in these 25 pages?

Anatomy of a good graphic vs. bad graphic

Creating a style guide

Step-by-step tutorial of creating graphics in Canva

Fonts to use and fonts to avoid in Canva

Creating a strategy for your posts

PLUS printable worksheets for:

Planning your content, scheduling out your posts, and brainstorming your year's worth of posts

I know you’re busy. Your time to work ON your business is precious and limited, so why not make your efforts during that time WORTH what you put into them?  In order to see a change with your social media, you need to be INTENTIONAL and you need a PLAN. But, you can't afford to hire a social media manager or a designer to help you create these graphics. That’s why I created this guide. You'll learn the simple steps you can take to make share-worthy graphics stand out in the crowd.

Less time trying to figure out what fonts and colors look right means more time to binge-watch Scandal on Netflix.

Who is this ebook for?

This book is for entrepreneurs and freelancers who are frustrated by their lack of engagement on social media,
and feel unsure about the look of their social media graphics. It's for those who are ready to level up their
brand on social media, but just need pointed in the right direction.

Who is this not for?

This book is not for those who are looking for a template to fill in for their graphics. This book is
also not for those who are hoping to gain 3,000 followers after posting one new graphic.


"I really loved this book. Jess's solid, in-depth advice about what makes a good graphic and how to combine fonts and styles to look like you know what you're doing is priceless. It's like having a designer right there to give you feedback! I love that she also provided info on post categories, which is something I struggle with. I used the tips in this book to plan out my editorial calendar, and thanks to the included worksheets, I already have images for most of the posts ready! I learned so much from this - it's definitely worth the investment!"
- Jordan, virtual assistant

You have two choices. Keep making your so-so graphics on the fly, or have beautiful, branded images that work harder for you. 


Do I have to have professional design software?

Nope! This book will walk you through designing in Canva - which is completely free to use, no downloading required. If you use something else to design, this book will still be helpful in understanding design.

What exactly am I buying? 

You're buying an ebook with tutorials and tips that will walk you through how to create better social media graphics, as well as worksheets to help you plan, strategize and brainstorm your social media content.

What if I'm not selling anything?

Social media graphics aren't just for selling products and services. Even if you're just a lifestyle blogger, better graphics can help you entice more readers!

What's your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this product, there are no refunds. 

Disclaimer: This book makes no guarantee of followers or earnings. The more you follow the tutorials and the more you practice, the more likely you will be to enhance your social media presence. Your results will vary based on the work you put in, and the size of your audience. You are responsible for your own results.